Thursday, June 18, 2009

Virginia Symphony Orchestra Web Site Featuring Pictures And More Now Up

We just finished putting up our main review site of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra. This site contains pictures that we took at the Gloucester, Virginia concert held on May 30th, 2009. The site will continue to be expanded as we go through more of our picture files and continue to attend their local concerts. We have two very rare videos on the site that we produced last year. We are not allowed to produce any more so these are the only two you will see on the entire web unless the Virginia Symphony Orchestra decides to start loading videos themselves which is something we do not foresee happening. That's to bad. How is the world or even the local area supposed to learn more about this fine orchestra if they can not see or hear them in advance?

Our question we have though, a live, free, public performance, where the musicians are being paid to perform music they did not write, in an orchestra they do not own, how the VSO can possibly claim there is a digital rights management issue in recording the live, free, public performance of music the VSO does not own is really beyond us. The keys here being both Free and Public Performance. Not allowing video recording a Free Public performance is pretty much against the 1st amendment of free press, no? The government is free to record the public, businesses are free to record the public, the public is free to record the public, where did the policy change for the VSO? As we see it, a free public performance is subject to the public's rights under any other circumstances so long as it does not violate privacy issues.

If the issues are copyright infringement, then why is the VSO playing public performances of music not in the public domain? We are going to honor their request to not record them for now. We are not seeking to pick a fight with them over this either. We are simply pointing out the obvious. We think very highly of the VSO and we do understand their need to a certain amount of protection. We think high enough of the VSO that we are offering on this site, a donation to them as they are a non profit foundation. Chuck Thompson and TTC Media has a donation policy where we openly and freely donate to non profit organizations all the time. All they have to do is contact us and we will get their donation to them within a few days. Our main site has a list of all the non profit entities we have already made donations to. To see the site we created for the VSO, please CLICK HERE.

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