Friday, June 12, 2009

Ceol Leinn plays at the Blackbeard Festival in Hampton, Virginia

We caught this act live at the Blackbeard Festival in Hampton, Virginia. The band's name is pronounced (Key-Ole Lane-Ya). We Learned that they are not a pirate band but instead are a Celtic band that plays shows all over the east coast. If you get a chance to catch their act, we highly recommend you do so. You won't be disappointed. We put up a special review site you might want to check out with photos and about 12 videos. CLICK HERE for the site.

The Blackbeard Festival featuring Blackbeard's Crew attracted some 75,000 people from all over the nation. The show was their 10th anniversary event and was said to be their best ever. Vendors lined the streets with everything from food to period clothing, pirate flags, drinks and more. The streets were closed off to traffic the entire weekend for about a 3 block radius around the waterside.

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