Friday, May 31, 2013

Hampton, Virginia Under Siege - Attacks Are Eminent

Blackbeard and his band of pirates are invading Hampton, Virginia this weekend.  June 1st and 2nd, 2013.  Downtown Hampton will be overrun by pirates from all over the nation.  Everyone is in for a great time as this band of pirates work with a twist.  These folks are actually historical interpreters.  The events held each day are both entertaining as well as educational.  Pirating in certain respects was an economic necessity during the 17th century period in history.

  At times, it was even legal as pirating was used as a way to defeat one's enemies on the open waters.  This is one of the largest events in Hampton Roads each year and it's no wonder why.  Pirates re create encampments in one of the parks of the area giving the illusion of stepping back in time.

Each campsite has the look and feel of the 17th century. No modern gadgets are seen by the public.  No cell phones or tablets.  No grills or flash lights.  Lanterns are used for lighting at night and camp fires are built and used for cooking foods.

Numerous stages are set up within a 4 block radius and there are a multitude of entertainers always playing on at least two stages at any one time.  Entertainers move around the area setting up and then playing the next show throughout each day.

  Pictured left is Darcy Nair who has been a favorite at these events for many years.     She is seen here playing the hammered dulcimer.

Cap'n Pern, one of the original founders of this event and also Blackbeard's Crew, will be making a guest appearance on Saturday but is unable to participate this year due to health reasons.  He's going to be surely missed as he is one of the most dynamic individuals behind the entire ordeal.

Now there is an inside rumor that has it that Blackbeard's ghost is often seen at night during this yearly event.  You won't catch any of the pirates talking about it as his ghost is not a friendly sort.

  The rumor has it that he looks for his treasure that he left behind and has never been found.  It has further been rumored that there are many pirates that do not come back because they saw Blackbeard's ghost.

So don't miss the fun and excitement.  Did we mention the fireworks?  Saturday night will witness some amazing fireworks in the Hampton area as part of the celebration.  Don't miss out.

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