Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CW Drummer's Call Weekend - New Videos

Last year we were not able to attend the drummer's call weekend.  The first time in our history when we were tied up with other projects that demanded our attention over this event.

  This year we not only attended the drummer's call weekend, we also as always shot plenty of video.  We are getting ready to process the videos soon.  This year we changed all our technology.  We shot over half the show on Saturday in ultra high 720P HD video.  Ultra high 720p is like low 1080i only better but not as good as 1080p.

  The other half we shot using a DVI camera in widescreen mode.  We will process all video in full 720p mode though.  This year we will be changing up how the videos will be shown.  In years past we cut the video for each tune played.  This year we will be showing the entire field march for each fife and drum corp on the grounds.  Also, due to feedback, we will no longer put on long front end openings or endings.

  We are sponsoring each video though in order to help defray the costs of shooting, production and hosting expenses.  That means that we are putting in advertising on each video.  The advertising however will match up with the videos as the ads will be based on historic content.  We expect to start having the first videos up by early next week.

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