Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yorktown Seized by Blackbeard's Pirates, Blackbeard's Crew

Yorktown was seized yesterday, (May 2nd, 2009), by Blackbeard's Crew. A surrey bunch they were too. Blasting the area with their canons, recruiting new pirates and training them for battle, showing those of us who were captured what life was like in the days of the early part of the 18th century, overall giving us a great idea of what seafaring life was like.

Presented by Blackbeard's Crew from the Hampton area of Virginia, these scalawags put on a great performance. Impressed with the detail of their costumes and camp exhibits, this team of men and women did a fantastic job of entertaining the guests of Yorktown Beach. To learn more about Blackbeard's Crew, please Click Here to visit their web site.

To see more details and some video on the day's event, we will soon be posting a link to a new site we are putting up on the event.

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