Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trader Joe's, A Great Place To Shop

We have to report on one of our favorite places to shop. Although the Historic triangle is loaded with a tremendous amount of great places to visit and shop, one of the top best of the best is without question, Trader Joe's. We have been shopping there for some time now and they constantly continue to impress us more on each visit.

So we spoke to the management of the store in Williamsburg, though it was not an official interview, the conversation started with our praise of their constant outstanding attention to the customer. It's what they call the customer experience. Let me tell you, you have to visit this place to truly understand what the customer experience is. It's far and above just really great customer service. So much so that Trader Joe's has no competition in this market. Everyone we met loves their job. (This is truly rare). Every company in the world could learn from these folks. Trader Joe's has earned our dedicated loyalty for years to come. Oh, by the way, their prices are equally outstanding and mostly unmatched.

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