Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CW Notes

Just wanted to put up some pictures for an employee of CW. While there the other day taking pictures, I was asked by an employee if I got a picture of the gallows. I said I already had plenty of them but wanted to take some more if they were going to put the hanging dummy back up. I was well assured that CW never ever had a dummy hanging from these gallows and that there were no intentions of putting one up there. After I explained to him I had pictures of the dummy hanging from the gallows, I was once again assured that it never happened.

Well this didn't just happen to me once this past week, but numerous times where people have told me they do not have something or have never had something when I know for a fact they have. One almost has to carry a camera with them at all times to show these ignorant people that sorry, yes you have and stop being an idiot. So here is to the employee at CW who says the dummy never hung at these gallows.

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